Effects of Sun transit in Capricorn

Sun transit in Capricorn also known as Makar Sankranti is one of the main planetary transits like Saturn Transit. People struggling to uplift self respect, career, looking for abroad settlement, expecting favour from Govt or higher authorities should take benefits from this Sun Transit to Capricorn. From 15th January 2020, the Sun will move from the sign of Sagittarius to the next sign of Capricorn, where it shall remain till 13th February 2020.

The Sun in astrology represents the soul, ego, self-respect, father, heart, core-personality, career, self-esteem, government, etc. The Zodiac sign of Capricorn signifies discipline, organization, law and order, orderly function, government, rank, etc. This Sun transit in Capricorn is also called Makar Sankranti (Movement in the sign of Capricorn). It is very important in a religious sense since it marks the beginning of Uttrayan. Uttrayan means the Sun will now start moving in the northern hemisphere, and it is an auspicious time since the Devatas will wake up after their six months of sleep. It is a time of festivals.

per the principles of Vedic astrology, the planet Sun in the sign of Capricorn
is in the sign of its enemy Saturn. But transit of the Sun in Capricorn is not
so bad; rather, it is good for many because, as per the KaalPurusha
, the sign of Capricorn rules the 10th house and the Sun is
powerful in the 10th house. Also, the Sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn is a
sign of justice and discipline, and these traits are very much liked by the
King Sun. Also, considering Sun’s movement towards the northern hemisphere and
beginning of the ‘Dev-paksha,’ this transit is not all that bad.
Sun’s transit in Capricorn gives a pragmatic approach in life.

Sun Transit in Capricorn – Impact on all Zodiac Signs

Following are the general results of the Sun transit in Capricorn for each Zodiac Sign. Thus just read under your Moon sign for the probable results of the Sun Transit from 15th January 2020 to 13th February 2020.

Note: These general results are likely to get modified in your actual birth chart, depending upon the state of the Sun and the sign of Capricorn and its lord Saturn along with other astrological factors like Dasha, conjunctions, aspects, and Nakshatras, etc. And don’t forget, lots of results depend on your own karmas also.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Aries:

5th lord Sun is in the 10th house of career, father, government, ego, soul,
self-esteem and self-expression, etc. This transit will benefit those in
politics, government, and some authoritative position. Students of political
science, law, mechanical engineering will have a favourable time. Children will
move away from home. Those in social service will work to bring about some
change in society. Those with a competitive spirit and some bossy attitude may
earn name and fame. 

Sun transit in Capricorn – Impact on Taurus:

4th lord Sun will be in the 9th house of luck, foreign travel father and
fatherly figures, religious and philosophical views, higher studies, etc. This
transit may influence you to settle away from the homeland. Your health can
suffer. You will be able to change your basic values and be more progressive.
The mother will have an authoritative role and will influence you as per her
religious and spiritual views. 

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Gemini:

the 3rd lord Sun is in the 8th house of sudden changes, relations with in-laws,
joint assets, longevity, surgeries, secrets and secret affairs, occult,
insurance, taxes, etc. Younger siblings can create some problems if you have
any. You will keep secrets and create doubts in others. Exposing your secret
ideas may benefit you. Communication with the father may suffer. Travelling can
bother you a lot. Your darker secrets can harm you.

Sun transit in Capricorn – Impact onCancer:

The 2nd lord Sun is in the 7th house of marriage, partnerships, business, spouse, career, contracts, other people, etc. The Sun is weak here but may give you an edge over your enemies. Earning through spouse or business of father can be there. You will create more friends and enjoy a rise in your career. Those in the business of antique furniture and running an NGO will also benefit.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Leo:

Moon sign lord Sun is in the 6th house of disease, obstacles, litigation,
enemies, small animals, competition, debts, disputes, etc. This transit is
favourable for you and will destroy your enemies and may free you from any
debts. Those in service in government will have an increase in self-esteem and
recognition. Those taking competitive exams and IAS will succeed.

How Sun transit in Capricorn will impact Virgo:

The 12th lord Sun is in the 5th house of children, love affairs, romance, arts, intellect, studies, speculative pursuits, etc. Your children will get the opportunity to go abroad for studies. You may also get involved in foreign affairs through the government. If in the birth chart, the Sun is under malefic influences. Then as a result there can be a lot of tension and lack of peace regarding children or education.

Sun transit in Capricorn – impact onLibra:

11th lord Sun is in the 4th house of mother, mind, home, vehicles, etc. For
you, the Sun is an obstructionist planet, so avoid property dealings and
purchase of vehicles, etc. Your friends may cause some obstructions. Also, some
lack of peace may be felt. You may join politics or deal with the government.
Patience and thoughtful actions regarding investments will benefit.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Scorpio:

The 10th lord Sun is in the 3rd house of younger siblings, short distance travel, communications, administrative jobs, writing, and neighbors, etc. Relation with younger siblings and neighbors may suffer. Your ego and overconfidence can land you in trouble. Also those in media services like journalists and reporters may face criticism.

How Sun transit in Capricorn will impact Sagittarius:

The 9th lord Sun is in the 2nd house of savings, assets, family and family lineage, eating habits, speech, etc. Your ability to earn money will be greatly influenced by your father, especially if your father is an authoritative figure. You may have to sacrifice some family issues due to your father. Also Politicians and those in government will benefit.

Impact on Capricorn:

8th lord Sun is in the 1st house (the Moon sign) of the physical self, core
personality, soul, government, fame, etc. This transit may involve you in some
secret activity. Your ego may get hurt due to your father’s behaviour. You may
experience sudden fame and rise to authority in your career. Investigative reporters,
especially those working for the government, may expose some secrets. There
will be chances of resolving any inheritance issues. Avoid casual sex to save
yourself from troubles.

Impact of Sun transit in Capricorn on Aquarius:

The 7th lord Sun is in the 12th house of loss, expenses, hospitalization, foreign residence, spirituality, higher realms, etc. You may have success in your activities in foreign lands etc. Therefore those in foreign services will gain. You may have an egoistic battle with your spouse if he or she is a professional. So as a result this ego may spoil marital bliss and harmony. Some opposition from others however cannot be ruled out because of the Sun in its enemy’s sign.

How Sun transit in Capricorn will impact Pisces:

The 6th lord Sun is in the 11th house of gains, income, fulfillment, professional network, elder siblings, etc. You may have to work out some previous Karma with your elder siblings. There are chances of getting sudden wealth. If you are in some authoritative position, then you may face a lot of opposition from enemies. It is not a good transit for your children. Therefore try not to impose your views on your children. Not good transit for maternal uncle if you have any.

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