Lebanese Style Riz B Haleeb Recipe - Rice Pudding With Pistachios

Lebanese Style Riz B Haleeb Recipe is a Rice Pudding With Pistachios.

Rice puddings are a very well known Indian sweet recipe. But other cuisines around the world do also have rice pudding recipes with their personal touch and this rice pudding with pistachio that imparts a unique flavour to the rice pudding is also one of them.

Lebanese Style Riz B Haleeb is thick and delicious and made by adding orange blossom water to sweetened rice cooked in milk.

Serve Lebanese Style Riz B Haleeb Recipe (Rice Pudding With Pistachios) as a party dessert after a dinner of Lebanese Fattoush Salad Recipe, Beetroot Falafel With Pita Bread Recipe and Pumpkin Hummus Recipe.

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