Mughlai Zafrani Murg Recipe

Mughlai Zafrani Murg Recipe

Mughlai Zafrani Murg Recipe is a delicious recipe made with chicken in yogurt gravy, flavoured with saffron. Chicken is marinated with lot of yogurt, fresh cream and handy spices and spice powders like cumin powder, coriander powder and lemon juice. This a quick method of preparing the dish since I have used microwave oven to cook the dish. You can also make it in kadai which will take about 40-50 minutes. Make sure you prepare this dish in a non stick pan since there is absolutely no oil used in the recipe. You can pair this recipe along with Naans or side it with biryanis or pulao.

Serve Mughlai Zafrani Murg Recipe with Saffron Pilaf Recipe (Kesar Pulao) or plain steamed rice and Awadhi Moong Dal Ki Goli Recipe for a complete meal.

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