Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe (Semolina Cake)

Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe (Semolina Cake)

Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe is a semolina cake recipe that you must try during an evening for tea time snack. It is the perfect counterfoil to spicy tea time snacks as it gently balances the tastes in your mouth so you can enjoy every bite. Roath is made from semolina soaked in milk, sweetened, and then gently spiced with cardamom, nutmeg and a dash of saffron.

My earliest memory of roath is eating it in my great grandmother’s house when we visited her. Mothi Aji, as she was called, enjoyed churning out a great variety of delicacies for us to snack on. We used to enjoy great chunks of this cake, served with spicy snacks and some hot coffee. She lived alone, shopped and cooked for herself, eschewing all offers of help until she was well into her nineties. Her zest for life has certainly been passed down to my Aji who is cut from the same cloth.

Pathare Prabhu cuisine has been greatly influenced by Western techniques like baking and has adpated a number of dishes that owe their origins to the confluence of these styles. Roath is one such example and I do hope you enjoy it.

Serve Pathare Prabhu Roath Recipe (Semolina Cake) along with Irani Chai Recipe and Raw Banana Chivda Recipe during tea time.

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