Qorma Baamia Recipe

Qorma Baamia Recipe

Baamia is nothing but our bhindi/okra in Afghan. 'Qorma Baamia' - Baby Okra cooked in rich tomato-onion puree! Had this gravy a few weeks back at Afghani Restaurant and it was finger-licking good. I love experimenting on this versatile vegetable - Okra (bhindi) every now n then! But so far, I never imagined myself cooking bhindi in gravy directly. I tried replicating the same in-house and BINGO! It was as good as the restaurant version of it. Serve Qorma Baamia Recipe with hot Pudina Tawa Paratha (Mint Leaf Skillet Flat Bread) or Homemade Butter Naan Recipe (Soft Yogurt Bread).

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