Shikhar Dhawan Reveals His On-Field Relationship With Murali Vijay

Shikhar Dhawan Reveals His On-Field Relationship With Murali Vijay

Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay

Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan usually opens with Rohit Sharma, especially in limited-overs cricket. However, in the most extended form of the game, Dhawan had a different batting partner, and he is none other than Murali Vijay. Notably, Dhawan and Vijay have opened the innings in 24 Tests, and have had some memorable partnerships over the years.

Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan. Photo: BCCI

The best part of their partnership came when Dhawan shared a staggering 289-run opening stand with Vijay on his Test debut in 2013 against Australia, wherein Dhawan registered his personal best score of 187.

Meanwhile, Dhawan said he likes to open the batting with his partner Vijay while also adding that he is looking forward to meeting him and have a good laugh soon.

Shikhar Dhawan reveals his on-field partnership with Murali Vijay

While speaking to premier off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin in the latest episode of Reminisce with Ash on Instagram, Shikhar Dhawan added that he and Vijay have arguments on the cricket field over running between wickets and other things, but they get sorted pretty quickly.

Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay
Shikhar Dhawan, Murali Vijay. Credits: Twitter

“He is a lovely character both on and off the field. I know him very closely. He is a beautiful soul. For everything, he is a bit like ‘not like this, not like that’. I am a ‘bindaas’ character. I tell him ‘you’re like my wife’. Sometimes, when we don’t take a run, we have an argument but it gets sorted soon. And it’s very difficult to understand him. You need to have a calm mind and patience to understand him.

“But he is a lovely chap. I love opening with him. We have done very well for the country. We are still very good friends. Of course, I look forward to spending time with him and having a good laugh with him. Sometimes, when he says something, I don’t understand. But after 1-2 years, when I recall what he said, I understand it then,” Shikhar Dhawan added.

Meanwhile, Dhawan said he is confident of becoming a Hindi commentator post his retirement from competitive cricket.